What is the best bedding for your stalls?

Good air quality and the right bedding play an important role in protecting the health of your horses and the people who visit and work in your stables. Improving the air quality in your stables can significantly reduce respiratory health risks, while selecting the right bedding is vital especially in cold climates where horses spend most of their time indoors.

Many different types of bedding are available for covering the floors of horse stalls. The most common materials are wood pellets, straw and peat. Other bedding options include materials processed from wood, such as plant-based chopped or pelletized materials, sawdust, and shredded or cut paper. Each of these types of bedding has its advantages and disadvantages.

The functionality of the beddings has been studied both by research and practice through the availability of different types of bedding products, but also by the willingness of the stable owners to experiment. The choice of bedding is affected by the ability of the bedding to bind moisture and harmful gases. It is also affected by the availability of the bedding and the further use of manure at the stable.

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